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Death Becomes Me

A One Woman Show

Death Becomes Me


Death Becomes Me explores one woman’s journey through the grief process.  Because it’s part of real life, it involves laughter and tears.  And, because it’s told through Susan’s lens, music and sketch comedy are utilized as vehicles to tell the story.  Susan takes you on a junket through denial and anger, settling of people’s estates, she even teaches a grief seminar!  In an original “aria-like” scene, written for the show by Michael Gruber, we experience Susan’s foray in to support groups, therapy and meditation.  Death Becomes Me examines the wild and raw nature of grief, how we can deflate the fear surrounding the process, thereby enhancing understanding and acceptance of everyone’s individual experience.  Come for the laughter, endure the tears, and stay for the resolution!! 

Death Becomes Me

The History

 “Losing an unbelievable amount of close family and friends in rapid succession left me so empty, so tired, so angry and so lost.  I’d just seen an original show about that writer’s cancer journey. During the “talk back” session after the show, the writer expressed that the writing process was cathartic for him.  As a result I felt inspired to explore my artistic expression in a way I’d never done before, to A) see if I could do it, and B) see if it would help. 

     Having never constructed a show before, I called upon The Catalysts to teach me “how to do this”.  The Catalysts members, Michael Gruber, Max Wojtanowicz and especially Nikki Swoboda, were tremendously instrumental in the crafting of this presentation. They said they’d talked with several people about potential projects before, but many didn’t follow through.  You will find out that I’m a project directed person, so NOT finishing wasn’t an option for me! I met every deadline they gave me and, eventually, Nikki looked at me and said, “You’ve just finished writing your first show!” 

     Writing a show AND composing original music was a task too large for me to master in this first undertaking, so Michael Gruber was good enough to compose the original “aria-like” piece of music “The Therapy Song”, using my lyrics. For the rest of the music, I originated lyrics and parodized tunes from renowned composers. These classic songs fit so well with the eclectic nature of my performing abilities as well as matching the emotional tone of particular moments in the story.  My first pianist, Mindy Eschedor was also vital to the process of crafting the show, adding music at important points in the show.   

         I began to draft this show as a way to, not only create a piece of art about an important topic that merits discussion, but to help me sort out my emotions; and in the process I found my way back to myself, the person who had been missing for so long. 

Death Becomes Me

Audience Comments

So much talent and a message worthy of sharing! I’m excited for the future of your continued message and performances! You have my ongoing support

Seanne January 15, 2020

Susan’s riveting performance made me laugh, cry and reflect within the first moments! Thank you Susan for bringing this beautiful conversation and performance here to our town! May you be blessed forever!!

Amber Rose January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me helped me so much with my grief.  I realized I don’t have to be afraid of grief, I don’t have to live up to how others expect me to behave or how far along they think I should be.

Jillian January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me is authentic. You were vulnerable, but you weren’t a victim.

Shelli January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me [is] a brave journey and a wonderful chance for all of us to be included. Thank you! I hope you don’t mind it if I say I had a wonderful time, because I did. I had your permission to watch your pain and listen to your heartache. You shared all of your stories openly and honestly.

Michelle January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me shows tremendous courage, creativity and humor, all in the face of life’s greatest challenge – GRIEF

Connie January 15, 2020

Susan, you were fantastic and your show was powerful, heartbreaking, wonderful, funny and uplifting. I really hope others can see your good work. Brava!

Ron January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me

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Death Becomes Me

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