Gianni Schicchi For the 21st Century in Johnny Schicchi

November 9, 2020

Theater Latté Da, along with Peter Rothstein, is delighted to pull this new project together.  The pairing of writer, Bradley Greenwald and, composer, Robert Elhai makes possible reimagining the Puccini opera “Gianni Schicchi” to take place in modern-day Miami.  The family is just as greedy and vicious as ever!  This creative crew will be working virtually in November/December 2020 to produce a recording and online performances. Nothing short of a stellar cast including, Jennifer Baldwin Peden, Jim Ramlet, Susan Hofflander, Andrew Wilkowske and in the eponymous role of “Johnny”, Bradley Greenwald, brings the Donaudy family tale to life.  Add music director Sonja Thompson and artistic director Peter Rothstein and magic will happen!!!


  • Susan Hofflander Little Night Music

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