I begin this process of blogging not really knowing where this will take me.  I have been experiencing profound grief over the last 7 years.  Except for one sister, I’ve lost my entire immediate family, including my husband.  And, I’ve lost several other close friends and relatives, eleven people altogether. 

It’s my intention to write about the feral nature of grief, the unruly ass that will have it’s way with you and, just when you think you’ve come out the other side, it comes back for a visit.  Just today, I was walking through the mall and heard a song that reminded me of my mother and I fell to pieces. 

I finally sought out therapy last year which has helped immensely.  I also wrote a musical show in tandem with my therapeutic process.  Having worked as a professional singer/performer my entire adult life, writing my own narrative was all new to me.  As performers, part of our mission is to share stories with our audiences, to stir, to elicit a response.  I’m hoping that my experiences will open the door for us to talk about grief and it’s wildness, a process over which we have no control. 

Some say death is the great equalizer.  Indeed that’s true.  But for the living, grief is the great equalizer.  It’s my desire that, with these musings,  the conversation will be opened, to ease our unrealistic expectations of others AND, more importantly of ourselves.

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