Grief, Woman, and Song

Here’s who I am: a woman, a mom, a widow, a singer, a performer, an artist, and an expert griever.   

Susan's Stories

It’s Just Like Grief. It’s Grief.

And, when the aggrieved are suffering, expressing their sadness by saying, "my mom died", you wouldn't reply, "Well, all moms die. so, I don't know why you feel so bad. You need to just get over it. It happens to everyone." 

Susan's Stories

Homeless?? Keep Moving

I’m homeless now.  For a time.  You see, I moved out of the condo.  A friend dubbed that place “the treehouse”, since it was on the 3rd floor and faced the woods.   That was the last home I shared with my husband.  We were there...

Susan's Stories

Does it Matter?

There are many ways to experience grief.  We grieve over the death of loved ones, to be sure.  That's a biggie.  We grieve over unrealized dreams or failed relationships or scarred childhoods......all because of how it feels.  It's not because...

Susan's Stories

The Chrysalis

So, I'm going out on a limb here. I'm coming out of the closet. I've been reluctant to share with you just how deeply I'm still grieving. Why? Because people don't want to hear it. We, as a society are not comfortable with grief, are we. If we can't fix it, we're flummoxed on just what to do.

Susan's Stories

Guilty? Not Guilty??

One of my biggest discoveries was that, when someone dies, the love does not.  The love lingers on. And on.  It doesn't leave you. The love and the spirit lives on forever.     

Susan's Stories

Don’t Say THAT!

The grieving doesn't end at the funeral! Yes, yes, everyone shares their stories and has a good laugh and a good cry.  And, all of that support and camaraderie is wonderful.  And, then it's gone.  And, then it's silent.  And, then everyone moves on.  And, you don't.  And, you STILL need to talk and let out the steam.  For the griever, AFTER the funeral is when the grieving really starts. 

Susan's Stories

The Grief Expert

You know, I call myself an expert. But, I hold no degrees on the subject of grief.. Perhaps it would be better stated that I could consider myself an accomplished griever, rather than a “grief expert”.

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