Miss Suzy’s Place – Children’s Video Series

November 2, 2020

B&W 2020Susan Hofflander has been contracted by the United Methodist Church to develop a video series based on their Progressive Christianity curriculum called A Joyful Path.  This series focuses not only on the tenets of Christianity, delineated by a more broad interpretation of God and Jesus, but mainly includes messages about character attributes, like kindness, truth and trust, self-control, sharing, and gratitude.  “Miss Suzy” has created a safe space for kids to understand that it’s ok not to know everything and it’s ok not to be able to explain everything. At Miss Suzy’s Place, everyone has fun with songs and stories, craft projects and funny characters!  Stay tuned for the full series.  Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of Miss Suzy talking about kindness!  



  • Susan Hofflander Little Night Music

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