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So much talent and a message worthy of sharing! I’m excited for the future of your continued message and performances! You have my ongoing support

Seanne January 15, 2020

Susan’s riveting performance made me laugh, cry and reflect within the first moments! Thank you Susan for bringing this beautiful conversation and performance here to our town! May you be blessed forever!!

Amber Rose January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me helped me so much with my grief.  I realized I don’t have to be afraid of grief, I don’t have to live up to how others expect me to behave or how far along they think I should be.

Jillian January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me is authentic. You were vulnerable, but you weren’t a victim.

Shelli January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me [is] a brave journey and a wonderful chance for all of us to be included. Thank you! I hope you don’t mind it if I say I had a wonderful time, because I did. I had your permission to watch your pain and listen to your heartache. You shared all of your stories openly and honestly.

Michelle January 15, 2020

Death Becomes Me shows tremendous courage, creativity and humor, all in the face of life’s greatest challenge – GRIEF

Connie January 15, 2020

Susan, you were fantastic and your show was powerful, heartbreaking, wonderful, funny and uplifting. I really hope others can see your good work. Brava!

Ron January 15, 2020

 “Susan Hofflander’s Old Lady may have to stand on a box to reach the microphone, but get out of the way when she sings the tango.” 

Dominic Papatola: St. PaulPioneer Press April 17, 2019

  “Susan Hofflander is just marvelous in the role, delivering a bravura performance of “Liaisons,” her eulogy to the lost art of being a well-kept woman.”

Talkin' Broadway - Arthur Dorman April 17, 2019

“and as Mrs. Potts, the housekeeper turned teapot, Susan Hofflander has the countenance for counselling Belle to soothe the savage Beast, and a warmly emotive voice to do justice to the beloved title song.”

Talkin' Broadway February 9, 2017

“The other hit tune of the show, the eponymous “Beauty and the Beast,” is a treacle-laden lyric with a leaden melody but Mrs. Potts (Susan Hofflander) delivers the song with sympathy and grace and director Brindisi wisely doesn’t try to stretch the moment.”

How Was The Show February 9, 2017

“Aside from Mrs. Potts herself (Angela Lansbury), there could be no better actress to play the motherly tea pot. Susan Hofflander’s maternal characterization of Mrs. Potts was loving yet stern, wise yet a bit slow and the perfect opposition to the tightly-wound Cogsworth and playboy-ish Lumiere. Her version of “Beauty and the Beast” was simple, elegant and left the audience wowed. Perhaps a favorite scene in the show was when the enchanted objects become real again and Chip runs into Mrs. Potts arms. She was warm, sweet and sincere.”

CBS Local February 9, 2017

“Hofflander, also a Broadway veteran returning to reprise her mama role, has opera power and color but also sings with warmth that is enveloping and comforting. Her “The Joy of Motherhood” in duet with the wonderful Wichita actress Karen Robu as her best friend and fellow duck mom, Maureen, is fun. Her “Every Tear a Mother Cries” is a poignant, riveting anthem that lingers long in the memory and heart.”

Wichita Eagle February 9, 2017

“and the villainous nanny, Miss Andrew (Susan Hofflander, with a powerhouse voice).”

Pioneer Press February 9, 2017

“Susan Hofflander is in high dudgeon as Miss Andrew in “Brimstone and Treacle.”

Star-Tribune February 9, 2017

“Susan Hofflander stood out as Ida, the ugly duckling’s kindly mother. An outstanding comedienne and strong vocalist, Hofflander’s sweetly maternal look and elegant presence made her a perfect, if unlikely, dance partner for Marks.”


Bud Norman, Wichita Eagle February 9, 2017

“Susan Hofflander sings a confident heroine Isabella and makes the coloratura passage work seem to belong to her actions and emotions.”

Walter Skiba, Hammond Times February 9, 2017

“Mezzo-soprano Hofflander proved captivating in the role of Amahl’s mother. Her strong, present sound contains a gentle quality that worked well in the role.”

Elaine Schmidt-Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel February 9, 2017

“The entertainers perform such diverse material as Gershwin’s The Man I Love, beautifully sung by mezzo-soprano Susan Hofflander”

Lynn Voedisch, Chicago Sun-Times February 9, 2017

“Hofflander is wonderful as Perichole. Not only does she have a lovely voice, she’s an actress as well. The character calls for a woman who’s bright and streetwise, and Hofflander carries ot off with vigor and comedic flair.”

Catherine Zaiser-The Forum February 9, 2017

“Mezzo-Soprano Susan Hofflander was a near scene stealer as Pitti-Sing, the noble lady Yum Yum’s Ethel Mertz-like sister.”

Andrew Patner-Chicago Sun-Times February 4, 2017

“Much of the credit for the show’s success belongs to Susan Hofflander’s comic powerhouse performance in the title role of Isabella. A pocket size dynamo, she commands the stage and conveys volumes with a single gesture or expression; her vocal technique is superb, her coloratura secure up and down the scale and her diction clear.”

Sarah Bryan Miller, Chicago Tribune February 4, 2017

“Susan Hofflander came close to walking off with the show as a funny, diminutive Cherubino-expressive of voice, face and body who sang well and was convincingly boyish of manner.”

John Von Rhein Chicago Tribune February 4, 2017

“Brava! Susan Hofflander has the voice of Jenny Tourel and the comic timing of Rosalind Russell.”

Leonard Bernstein February 3, 2017

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